Major Newspaper Gets It

The Financial Times of the UK needs to be awarded bright gold star for having the courage to publish a story that is the greatest understanding of health ever in the history of man.  I know that seems to be too grand a statement but when you find one thing that has an impact on 2000 genes or about 10 percent of the genome and is the primary factor in preventing all chronic disease then maybe it is not grand enough.

Here is the article: Why Governments are Selling Vitamin D Short – Sam Apple – published October 23, 2009 Financial Times

The Financial Times is a lot like the US paper the Wall Street Journal and is respected worldwide by financial investors for the accuracy of its information.

Sam Apple starts by explaining the frustration of the researchers.  He then describes why governments are not investing in the understanding by saying that it is the money and the inertia to overcome the ‘baggage of other vitamins’.  He will give you an incite into the history of vitamin D and even gets into the toxicity problem.

The only thing that Mr. Apple leaves out is the suffering of the millions of people that are deficient in this most vital substance.  After having been in torturous pain and on the verge of death because of my deficiency my frustration is about 100 times higher than the researchers.

It is about the MONEY!!!

Governments consider the economy much more significant than your health.  If you recall from a prior post the principles of former US Secretary of Health Leavitt where ‘markets before mandates’ was fourth and to ‘value life’ was ninth or last.  I suspect that most policy makers just do not understand the significance of how vitamin D affects the body and prevents disease states.  What is interesting is that their own health is suffering because of this failure in understanding.

It may be that it is more about the money than Sam Apple even understands.  If the researchers are correct and I know that they are based solely on my recovery then the medical economy could shrink by 25 to 50 percent and the centers of commerce would change significantly.  This could have a huge destabilizing affect on the world’s economies is one way to look at it.  So governments are gambling your health against a stable economy.  This sounds a lot like war.  It is.

If you want a better understanding of this war then read these post on the health care crisis:

Celebrate this small victory of a skirmish in the battle of understanding for your health by GOING INTO THE SUN!  – Pandemic Survivor


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