Nutrition – And Then There is Water!

If you are reading this to find out how much water is needed per day, then about one half ounce per pound of body weight per day from all sources is adequate.  If you are a rigid scientist, do not bother to read this article.  If you want to learn something new about water and perhaps energy then forge ahead.  This is the stuff that is on the edge that nobody wants to admit reading, but we are really fascinated by the unknown.  To get the full benefit of this information, I would like to suggest that you watch both videos referenced below.  That is a two and one half hour commitment, but that is the nature of trying to understand a new paradigm.

In a recent post, I listed the things that I have found that are deficient in our diets.  The prime targets are vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, iodine, potassium, and sulfur.  But for health, the type of water and the amount is apparently very important.  I have been amazed at some of the recent research regarding water.  Just maybe the health benefit of going into the sun has to do with what happens to water from the exposure to light or other electromagnetic radiation.  It appears that water takes on structure.  Not only do significant boundaries develop, the pH of the water also changes (to become alkaline at a pH of about 7.4 or the desired pH of blood – fascinating!) as this modification occurs.

I first became aware of this from the work of Masaru Emoto.   He determined that water changed its shape if presented with classical music, prayer, and other warm and friendly environments.  Upon freezing, the water would form crystals like you see with snowflakes.  If the water was played rap, hard rock, or cursed at, it would not form crystals.  Emoto says that we only understand about three percent of what “is”.  Amazingly, this agrees with the statement of the National Academy of Science (yes the same NAS that houses the Institute of Medicine) when they describe dark(dark meaning we cannot see, feel, or touch it but know that it exists based on the acceleration of the universe) energy at seventy three percent and dark matter at twenty three percent leaving only four percent as everything that we can perceive exists.

Then Dr. Gerald Pollack, University of Washington bioengineering professor, discovered that water forms structured boundaries when exposed to infrared light (benefit of exposing our bodies to the sun?).  There is a sixty minute you tube video where he presents his findings – “Water, Energy, and Life: Fresh Views from the Water’s Edge”.   This is one amazing lecture about water and how it forms structure.  There is a shot of two beakers with the water bridging in between which I did not believe was possible.  Is water in this state a liquid?  I wonder if you followed Emoto’s method of freezing if it would form crystals.

In the first century, the Didache – The Lord’s teaching through the Twelve Apostles, was used as a manual for methods of practice for Christians.  The original translation says to use living water for baptism.  Is this the original holy water?  Later translations have changed this to running water.  However, if Emoto is correct (water taken from clear running springs forms crystals) and the practice of Christians in the use of Holy water, then just maybe the meaning of ‘living water’ is ‘structured water.’

Then in watching the US Open tennis tournament, one of the sponsors was selling ‘structured’ water and touting its benefits.  Is this structured water?  Does it remain structured after being shipped in plastics bottles?  A search of the web and you will find many devices that claim will change the structure of water.

If you really want to stretch your thinking then watch this one and half hour video: “Water- The Great Mystery”.   Researchers, theologians, scientists, and philosophers struggle with the understanding of the properties of water.

And then there is energy conversion by BlackLight Power, Inc.  The claims of this company are that they can release the latent energy of hydrogen from a newly discovered form of hydrogen based on the hydrino physics of Dr. Randell Mills.  I do not know if there is anything to this, but the observation is that we know a lot less about water than we think.  There are also other methods of energy conversion from water that are being claimed like water arc discharges, turbulent cavitation excitation of water, and carbon arc discharges in water.  For much more information on New Energy Science and Technology please see FAQ at Infinite-Energy Magazine founded by the late Dr. Eugene Mallove.

Yes, I know there is nothing that seems to approach logic in the above array of “what is water?”  However, there are links and connections that should not be ignored.  For your health, it is important to treat your body with respect and maintain it in a warm friendly light filled environment.  Spend some time in the sun, pray constantly, maintain a positive attitude, listen to classical music, and love others as yourself – after all your body is about two thirds water.  – Pandemic Survivor


3 thoughts on “Nutrition – And Then There is Water!

  1. Thank you to both of you. Absolutely agree with that and have started charging my water, but you reminded me to add intent so thank you for that. I also find the water sweet to drink. Sun gazing and charged water coupled are supposedly amazing and with a good intent charge well? It’s interesting and worth exploring.

  2. Rich,
    I think that you are absolutely correct in your assessment that the sun affects the structure of water. However, to say that it is only UV may not be accurate. Dr. Pollack of WU describes the water taking on structure with only infrared light. What is more amazing is that Emoto says that the water changes based on our intentions. I am thinking about following his suggestion and taping love and gratitude on my filtered water pitcher and leaving it in the sun during the day. I know that is totally not scientific, but we should not ignore the evidence from so many sources.

  3. Several years ago I learned about a man from India named Hira Ratan Manek who talks about the benefits of sun-charged water. To make sun-charged water simply put regular water in a glass jar, leave it out in direct sunlight 5 to 8 hours, and drink it that day. Mr. Manek does not directly describe what is going on to improve the water but he insists it is healthier for people, plants, and animals. Over the years I have prepared and consumed sun-charged water many times. I prefer drinking it immediately while still warm as if it were a cup of sun tea. While I can’t make objective claims, I can say water warmed by the sun in this manner has a sweet taste to it, it feels good going down, and I have the impression it is helpful in acheiving good hydration.

    I have a theory. I believe that the UV in sunlight cracks a small amount of hydrogen and oxygen in the water molecules, and the oxygen sweetens and freshens the water. It may be possible there are entrained hydrogen ions similar to the ions that are abundant in the surface of the earth. Absorbing H ions neutralizes free radicals, the same as consuming foods rich in antioxidants, which in turn reduces inflammation, the root cause of many chronic diseases. So the net result is drinking sun charged water not only tastes good and helps you with all-important hydration, but it helps in the ongoing battle to prevent chronic disease.

    Skeptics will find numerous holes in my argument, most notably, a complete lack of anything resembling scientific research supporting my claims. I place no value whatsoever in medical research funded by Big Pharma solely for the purpose in getting more people hooked on prescription drugs. My own research tells me that drinking sun-charged water feels right and is worth continuing no mater how many so-called experts tell me otherwise.

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